Why Extreme Partnership is best for us.

December 25, 2009

From Donald:
The purpose of life is to feel good. After spending most of my adult life searching for Life’s answers … What does all this mean? … Why am I here? …etc. The answer for me has become very simple and very fundamental.

Early on I discovered that the best feelings came when I was sharing an experience with another.  In fact, the ‘tighter’ the relationship, the better the experience was likely to feel.  So, when I (in my 50’s) finally connected with a woman who seamed to be on the same wavelength, I decided to give my whole self to this woman and to this partnership.  That was 21 years ago.

Victoria and I have developed an incredible partnership… One that feeds us more fun and pleasure than I could ever imagine possible.  And the best part… It just gets better and better over time.

Why good Partnerships are the key to success -
Think about your own successes.  Didn’t those successes come as a result others contributing to you?  We need partnership to achieve any measure of success.  Every great human achievement in history was accomplished as a team effort.

That’s because… We humans unfold being better at some things than others.  When we can connect solidly with others who are better than us at some things, the partnership is bound to produce higher achievement.

Victoria and I have discovered that the tighter we can make our partnership… The greater our achievements… and fun.
For us, extreme partnership is not so much a goal to be reached… It’s a way of Life.

about Donald & Victoria Trafton

December 25, 2009

This blog is about  extreme partnership … About forming a partnership that is so tight, so trusting, so supportive, that the partners enjoy a life filled with pleasure and fun … A life that is worry free.
Donald and Victoria are very focused on extreme partnership … And have been for some time.  They are delighted with their 21 year partnership, and delighted that It just keeps getting better and better.
They would love to connect with others who are similarly focused, or are interested in having this kind of relationship.

Three principles for building an Extreme Partnership:  (from our Referral Institute training)

  1. Givers Gain: Always looking for ways to contribute to each other.
  2. Treat Others the way they want to be Treated. Meaning, we must intimately understand our partner’s behavioral style so that our interactions are most supportive and productive.
  3. It’s all My Fault. Where we each take 100% responsibility for the outcomes that involve us two.  Knowing that blame never produces a positive outcome.

Have you heard about these principles before?  They are discussed in nearly all of the Referral Institute classes delivered by Victoria.

They are central to building the most successful business referral partnerships.


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